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We are AcuityHub

AcuityHub is part of a new generation of research consultants.

AcuityHub does marketing research. But we are not just a market researcher.

AcuityHub does marketing consulting. But we are not just a marketing consultant.


We are not only a data gathering operation, but also a team of people with diverse knowledge that understand issues that companies face in the marketplace. We filter and validate data for relevance and process them into actionable suggestions and help develop a communication strategy to help your business grow.


We are a team for a new millennium. We are tech-savvy, not because our associates used smartphones and connected to the Internet—but because we build our methodology and system by taking advantage of new technologies. These technologies help us maintain the right balance between speed, cost and quality of data gathering and analysis.

what makes us different

In this Age of Information, collecting and storing data are easier than ever. There are easy-to-use tools to collect whatever data you want and plentiful of cheap storage space to keep them available until the end of days. But research is not just about collecting data, it is about collecting the right data.

A good insight can only come from a good data. That is why a good researcher will put in place a good system of data collection—a system that will ensure the data is valid, relevant, and useful.

We are very concerned with quality of data,
so we make quality control a hardwired part of our system.

Quality control is performed at the field level and in data processing using everything from on the spot check and phone verification to online monitoring, from data cleansing to data analysis.


With the many recent advances in information technology, survey feedbacks can be captured in real-time. Fieldwork processes are digitalized. Teams are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to collect data. Internet technologies are used to collect and deliver data in a timely and comprehensive manner for analysis.

The AcuityHub web platform is an ecosystem designed to enable respondents to get involved in surveys, but also for companies to design and execute their research.


In a world where market changes in a speed of a click and competition is intense, managers have to make business decisions quickly—yet wisely and rationally. A good and informed decision is guided by analysis of relevant data and a good set of data is derived from a well-planned research.

We work together with our partners to plan and execute research. By employing the right technology, results of field research will be immediately available for analysis.

We keep an eye on the market to make sure that changes and trends in the marketplace will be represented in our research and recommendations.

We are happy to do

   No two companies are identical. Even for the same organization, the same challenge is unlikely to reappear in the exact situation and environment. Every business and organization requires research and analysis that suits its particular needs.
   We are happy to work with partners to conduct customized programs, specifically tailored to answer partners’ unique situations and challenges. Our online system is designed to be responsive to those specific needs and requirements.
   Does your company plan to make an entry to new markets? We are happy to help you explore options. Is your company concerned about results and performance? We will be there to help you measure them.


   So, you have made a strategic decision, a major decision that could impact your company’s market position, and you are wondering: Does it impact the company positively? Does it dilute the brand? Does it increase awareness? Or altered consumers’ perception? Or produce increased interest?
   By working together with companies, usually from an early stage of planning, we are well-positioned to observe and track the performance of an operation or the outcome of a decision. Our research team will gather needed data and get them validated, ready to be analyzed. Past experiences show that proper tracking could reveal patterns and insights that are useful in developing company’s future strategies.

Marcom Service

   In this internet era, we are facing a type of consumer that can change their mind in a second. We need a product campaign that has a high level of uniqueness and relevance.
   In another side, the market is challenging, because of the tough competition in every category. Consumer insight becomes very important, but we don’t need just ordinary insight. What we need is good consumer's insight.
   We create an applicable and full-impact campaign strategy base on this insight. Our strategy and it's application is designing to plant the brand in the consumer’s garden. Our comprehensive approach will not only differentiate the campaign activity but also build relevance as well. Our market intelligent and creative team will work together. We work with precise and break the limit to create ideas that will win the consumer's heart.

Product and Solution
01Understanding the context

Every taking the brief, AcuityHub’s team will discuss and study about background of the issues.


AcuityHub tries to provide the right solution and best suggestion, hope it would be useful for users.

the process
Fieldwork 02

AcuityHub has standardize of the fieldwork process, evaluate and improve regularly

Quality Control03

AcuityHub emphasizes the quality control process to keep the standard of our great quality data.

what we found